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PET plastic box

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PET plastic box
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Analysis on the pattern production process of transparent packaging box!


The pattern production process of the transparent packaging box is very different from the printing of paper products. The common thing between the transparent packaging box and the printing of paper products is that paper products are usually lithographic printing, which is the same as the printing method of plastic boxes. However, because of the sharp difference in materials between the two, there are many differences in the specific printing production, and the two cannot be confused.


A plastic box is a transparent plastic packaging box. Its surface can be printed, or it can be directly produced into a transparent box without any printing. Transparent packaging box is a kind of packaging commonly found in the market. Because plastic boxes are made of plastic, water-based inks cannot be adsorbed on the film surface. This is different from paper ink selection.

The pattern printing of plastic boxes is all printed by UV. The principle of this printing method is a printing process in which the ink is dried and cured by UV light. The ink containing a photosensitizer needs to be matched with a UV curing lamp. UV inks already cover the fields of offset printing, silk screen, inkjet, pad printing, etc. The products printed by UV printing have a strong feel, which is a technological effect that cannot be achieved by lithographic printing of paper products.

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