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PET plastic box

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PET plastic box
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Shenzhen plastic box manufacturers explain to you the development history of blister packaging!


Due to the tide of scientific revolution, various plastics boxes have been put into industrial and daily applications, which has led to the development of the entire productivity. A variety of structures and forms of blister packaging have also emerged, which have brought different colors to the diversity of the entire packaging industry. In the era of the modern fast-moving consumer goods, a large number of products are required to reach consumers quickly and safely, and the role of packaging has become very important. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, commodities are required to meet not only physical needs but also spiritual needs. When the sales of goods reached a certain level, self-service goods appeared, that is, supermarkets or shopping malls of choice. Their sales methods had the advantages of being fast, convenient, saving manpower, and allowing consumers to purchase goods freely. No salesperson introduced or promoted the product to the customer. Therefore, the product must rely on its packaging to attract the customer. The packaging function of the product has developed from simply protecting the product to selling the product. Its packaging design also requires clear, intuitive and accurate communication of product information. Product packaging and decoration design has become the key to determining victory or defeat in the fierce market competition.

Shenzhen plastic box manufacturers

Although blister packaging is relatively late for commercial use, in the entire packaging industry, the use of packaging can be traced back to the most ancient times; the original role of packaging is to wrap and carry things, no matter ancient or modern, this is a rigid demand of people. It does not change because of different social and production relations. When primitive people use natural materials such as leaves, shells, bamboo tubes, and gourds to pack food in order to store and carry food, the purpose is to protect, store, and move their food or items. This is the most primitive and unprocessed, or simply processed Packaging products. After the primitive society developed slowly, it came to the tribal society, and later the tribe evolved into a country. At this time, the productive forces were no longer comparable to the previous tribal society. At this stage, many handicraft products, prints, iron products ... have been widely used, and commerce has appeared in every corner of society. When there is commercial activity, the pursuit and need for exquisite packaging is not only practical, but the pursuit of higher spirit has directly led to the evolution of packaging. Many times, a box containing jewellery is polished and carved by a craftsman for many days, colored, and finally becomes a craft. When the appearance is gorgeous and exquisite, this is in line with its intrinsic jewelry value. At this time, the diversity of packaging has emerged, and packaging tools such as leather bags, woven bags, paper, cloth, and crockery have been produced. Because of commercial circulation, the functions of packaging use and transportation have also been strengthened.

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