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PET plastic box

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PET plastic box
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What material is better for PET plastic box?


PVC is one of the five general-purpose plastics and is widely used in daily life, such as packaging, construction materials, industrial products, daily necessities, etc. Then it is not difficult to see the advantages of PVC materials in PET plastic boxes made of PVC materials.

First, as one of the universal plastics, the advantage is that it is cheap. Because the monomer raw material is easy to obtain and the production capacity is large, its price is generally around 6000-8000 yuan tons. When the market is not good, the price can still be cheap. Of course, this is the price of the resin. The price of the modified PVC material varies according to different formulas.

PET plastic box

Secondly, the physical properties are excellent. Acid and alkali resistance, good insulation, flame retardant effect, wear resistance, excellent weather resistance, etc. If it is, its surface hardness, tensile strength, rigidity, etc. are higher than PE and close to ABS; if it is soft PVC, it has a certain softness, rubber-like elasticity, and resistance to folding.

Third, the PVC transparent packaging box is relatively light, convenient to package, simple to assemble, and provides a lot of convenience for the packaging of the finished product. Whether it is small batch or large batch production, it contributes to the work efficiency.

The above is the analysis of the benefits of PVC materials. In terms of price, it is a point that many manufacturers like. At present, the domestic research on new PVC materials is also under continuous research, hoping that PVC materials will develop better and better. If you want to buy PVC transparent packing box, transparent folding box, plastic box and other products, welcome everyone to call to buy.

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