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PVC packing box

PVC packing box

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  • Release date:2020-03-19
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PVC packaging box is a kind of thermally sensitive thermoplastic plastic packaging which is easy to decompose when exposed to heat.

PVC packaging box: As its name suggests, it is a general-purpose thermoplastic packaging box made of PVC resin. PVC resin is the earliest flexible plastic packaging in China and is the initial product of plastic packaging in China. The color looks slightly yellowish, translucent, and shiny. The transparency is better than polyethylene and polypropylene. The hardness of hard products is higher than that of low-density polyethylene, but lower than that of polypropylene, whitening will occur at the inflection point.

PVC packing box

Features of PVC packing box:
1.Comprehensive performance is good and widely used
2. Convenient molding, wide range of applicable molding equipment
3, the price is relatively low
4. Low-carbon environmental protection, various product types

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