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PET plastic box

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PET plastic box
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How to print colors on transparent boxes?


Transparent packaging boxes have a lot of surface printing processes to deal with. PET plastic boxes, PVC plastic boxes and PP plastic boxes are commonly used in printing processes: UV printing, silk screen printing.

UV printing of transparent packaging boxes is an offset printing process that transfers ink to the surface of the box by pressure. Silk screen printing is through small holes, allowing the ink to penetrate directly onto the film. Correctly understanding the difference between these two printing methods can effectively solve the problem of whether many colors meet customer requirements. Nowadays, the most advanced printing press equipment in the world is German-made machinery. Famous brands include Heidelberg, Roland, Gaobao and other manufacturers. Printing equipment made in Germany is simple to operate and has precise color control. Now in the packaging and printing industry, these types of equipment are mostly used.

Transparent packing box

The printing process of the transparent packaging box is also basically very complicated, which is the precise control of color. There are thousands of colors, and the same ink can make hundreds of deep or light colors. Therefore, in the early stage of printing, a correct understanding of colors will directly lead to whether the color matching in the later stage can be in place. The printing production of plastic boxes is a systematic project. From the color design of documents to plate making, to the subsequent printing on the machine, the matching of each link can produce accurate color packaging products.

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