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PET plastic box

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PET plastic box
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E-commerce has a great impact on Shenzhen plastic box manufacturers!


The impact of e-commerce on Shenzhen plastic box manufacturers is very large. From the perspective of communication, service, and online, e-commerce has played a subversive role in the traditional plastic factory and Shenzhen plastic box manufacturer. The core of e-commerce is people, providing the most thoughtful and detailed service for people. The virtualization of e-commerce business transactions has transcended time and space and national borders. This makes global integration possible. This also allows blister packaging and transparent plastic boxes to be used across borders, not limited to surrounding cities.

E-commerce has a great impact on Shenzhen plastic box manufacturers!

Blister, PET plastic box is a kind of commodity, and industrialized products lie in many manufacturers and have a wide range of applications. The shapes and sizes of various custom-made blister boxes create characteristics that are suitable for one manufacturer and not suitable for other industries. This is also that many traditional plastic box manufacturers' customers are limited to the surrounding areas. The operation and sales of these manufacturers still rely on traditional channels, and many rely on regular customers to introduce them, which makes their business area impossible.

When the rise of e-commerce, the representative B2B platform is like Alibaba. Because of the cross-border nature of the Internet, many manufacturers have entered the platform. This has produced a cluster effect, which not only reduces the transaction costs of buyers and sellers, but also affects the traditional sales model. To the subversion effect. Many products can be traded across borders. Packaging products such as blister and plastic boxes are no longer restricted by regional restrictions.

The essence of e-commerce is to play the role of media, but the direct effect is that the degree of transparency of transactions is getting higher and higher, and almost all-weather actions are also the characteristics of e-commerce. While buyers and sellers can easily obtain all kinds of data, the degree of competition in the plastics industry will become stronger and stronger, reaching a level of fever.

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