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PET plastic box

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PET plastic box
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How to make an empty design for a blister box?


The evacuated design of the blister box is to give way to some parts of the workpiece or the product. This design structure often appears in PET blister boxes, PVC blister packaging, and blister trays.

If the inner box of the blister packaging box is used to pack square, round, regular lines of physical goods, then the problem of avoiding emptying in the manufacture of PET blister boxes need not be considered. Protrude in some parts or other parts. In order to protect the products from extrusion friction, at this time, the mold design of PET blister box and PVC blister package must consider the problem of avoiding air. In principle, keep the PET blister box at a certain distance from the protruding part without contact, avoiding the problems of squeezing and friction.

How to make an empty design for a blister box?

The evacuating design of the blister inner support is often used, which is already common sense in making blister molds. Which parts of the product need to be avoided and how to avoid them. There should be an overall design idea before the blister mold is made. Experienced blister mold designers can basically complete the overall mold making work in the design and production, and rarely need to modify the details because of the details ignored in the front. The overall continuity of blister mold manufacturing will make the overall quality of subsequent PET blister packaging better guaranteed. The so-called details in place constitute a good product, the reason is here.

Our company has very long practical experience in the design of PET blister boxes and PVC blister packaging molds. For all types of blister inner trays, blister boxes have rich experience in production. Welcome manufacturers in need to come to Xiecheng Shenzhen plastic box manufacturers order.

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