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PET plastic box

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PET plastic box
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Do you know what common problems customers encounter in Shenzhen Plastic Box Factory?


Shenzhen plastic box factory encountered common customer problems:

1. Order procedure? Product data provided by the customer → Quotation → Doing → Confirmation of the sample → Official production → Delivery

2. What data does the quote need to provide? Please provide the box type, size, film thickness, film type, quantity, printing method, packaging requirements and delivery location.

3. What kind of file should I provide? Our factory accepts AI., EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PDF files.

4. How long does the delivery time take? Under normal circumstances, it takes about 1-3 days for bare body to do, silk screen and offset for about 3-5 days, starting from the date of confirmation of the file; it takes about 7-15 days to make the goods. . The urgent order delivery period can be negotiated separately.

Shenzhen Plastic Box Factory

5. What are the main differences between PP, PVC and PET materials? Three different materials have their main characteristics: PP – the most economical and environmentally friendly, which can use ultrasonic or glue bonding technology; PET – is also an environmentally friendly material with extremely high transparency; PVC – high transparency, universal

6. What is the minimum order quantity? 5,000 for local customers and 10,000 for overseas customers.

7. What is the difference between screen printing and offset printing? Screen printing is to color print with the PANTONE number or color office provided by the customer. It is more commonly used to print simple lines or text and patterns. Offset printing does not require customers to provide color management. The four basic colors of offset printing: red, blue, yellow, and black. After printing, the color will have more than ten color effects. It is mainly used for printing complex patterns, gradient color effects and shadow effects. In order to make the pattern more bright, usually a white background is added after 4 colors are printed.

8. Do I need to charge for handling? Can it be refunded? There is a handling fee for handling, and it can usually be refunded after the order is placed, depending on the situation.

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